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Company Background

Company Background

Susie's Hot Sauce is a small cottage business from the tiny Caribbean nation of Antigua-Barbuda, yet it is internationally renowned for its huge taste.

It is almost impossible to visit Antigua without becoming intimately acquainted with this Caribbean delicacy. And once you've been introduced...It is even harder to forget!

Susie's has been pleasing palates since 1960 when Susie's Original Hot Sauce was first introduced. Its award-winning red habanero and scotch bonnet hot sauces have captured the hearts, minds and taste buds of chile heads and pepper sauce aficionados all over the world. Visitors to our friendly twin islands insist on returning home with bottles of Susie's sauces for family and friends, sharing the warmth of the sun-drenched paradise, its people, and the joy of their tropical experience.



Susie's passionate devotees are responsible for its international appeal. Here's what a few of them had to say.

"I am writing to commend you on a fine hot sauce product… I was fortunate enough to have obtained a sample of your hot pepper sauce early last year and [my family and I] have been using it in our home until it recently ran out. My family (even my kids!) are now demanding that I obtain some more!
My wife and I are both of West Indian background (Jamaican) and have always used hot peppers; both in cooking and as sides to our meals….Having tried many different brands over the years, I have found that your product is the closest one to the "real thing" that I have come across…"

P. David Duperrouzel, Jamaica

"…I have just come to the end of a bottle of your Original Hot Sauce....My sister-in-law brought a bottle back when she was on a cruise. It came back to England, and I have been adding it to my roast dinners, cheese sandwiches etc mmmmm...ever since.
We have a variety of hot sauces on offer over here and although they are hot, they do not have the same taste as your sauce…"

Ray Webster, United Kingdom

"Need More Sauce...

… I've run out of sauce and am frightened to think that I will have to go much longer without sauce. Please send me some more…"

Smokin', John Knight, Montana

"…When is your site going to be finished? I'll finish your site for you for some Susie's sauce. I can't find it in the U.S. and I LOVE it... "

Scott Gréaux, Florida

"… we discovered Susie's Hot Sauce 10 years ago while on our honeymoon in Antigua. Since then, we have been getting various supplies from friends visiting Antigua and are now so happy that you have a web site so that we can order directly. Thank you!"

Tom Kartos, Canada

"I avid eater of "Susie's Hot Sauce". I have never had a condiment as fully satisfying as this one. Please give my regards to the creators of this enlightening sauce. This sauce makes my cloudy days turn bright hot and sunny. "

Jun Sa, Korea

"I have just returned from the beautiful isle of Antigua after a fantastic holiday. The only problem is that I have retuned home to England with only one bottle of your sauce. Silly me! I tried your CALYPSO sauce as soon as I got home and now only have a small amount of it left. Please can you let me know if there is anyway I can get hold of some more, at least four bottles, it is the best I have ever tried!

Yours Hopefully,"
Darren Cross, United Kingdom

"I have been using your hot sauce ever since I first went to Antigua several years ago and it is the BEST. I saw your advertisement in Chile Pepper Magazine! I was so happy to see it! Your most favorite CUSTOMER here in California!"

Michael Marks, California

"Please advise what is required to become a dealer for Susie's Hot Sauce. This is the best Hot Sauce I've ever encountered!! Not just hot, but delicious. My brother introduced me to it about 4 years ago."


"My husband and I traveled there on our honeymoon and ate at a pizza place called Bannana something or other. There we fell in love with your hot sauce and bought several for gifts. We meant to keep one for ourselves but ended up giving it away as a gift. It has been over 1 1/2 years and I just found the name of the sauce again. How can I buy Susie's hot sauce and have it shipped to Virginia in the US? I am so glad I finally found you all!"

Shaune Colliver, Virginia

"Withdrawal Symptoms...
...Can you tell me if you supply Susie's Hot Sauce to anyone in the UK - if so who, and where? I bought a supply in Antigua last year but now it's run out. We were coming back to get some more this week but we had to cancel our holiday owing to a family illness and now I don't know what to do. Please help me!"

Tim Palmer, United Kingdom

"I am looking to buy the sauces by the case...for our site [We] get alot of people who want it, i have 8 orders on my desk back ordered now for the calypso...I need to know how to order more to meet the demand."

Tom Cuneo, Indiana